Regional Directors

Wilhelm Veicht, Berlin Office

Joseph Nolan, Tokyo Office


Access for authorized government personnel only

The President
of the
United States
Oval Office, Primary #STE1
The White House
DDIA/SOCOM - 292.92
CHSTAFF #4092-0291
To: Executive Defense Directorate                                                                                             
c/o Director, Deputy Director                                  SUBJT:                                                     

By executive order: #SEO-29-019290-64-EDD This Special Executive Order (SEO) is considered a threat to National Security if compromised.  Follow department containment procedures. This SEO requires an OSS clearance but has been granted via the Special Access Program for new
Agents as per SEO-242623-EDD15.

Access to the Central Operations for Remote Enabling (CORE) System is hereby granted to the receiver of this order.  This CORE system along with it's CARD (Cellular Authentication and Recognition Device) interface will allow ehnahced, superior remote enabling of field agents.